Course-Level Roles via Permissions Enhancements

What we're doing:
Adding support for course-level roles that will better support Teaching Assistants and other types of course specific roles outside of course Admins and Course members. We will be considering adding certain default roles to courses, such as:

  • Instructor
  • Student
  • System Administrator
  • Course Designer
  • Course Grader
  • Observer

We will also be considering adding a new set of course-level permissions for course level roles that may need partial administrative access to a Schoology course. These permissions will break down the levels and areas of access a Course Admin currently has control over to provide and/or prevent access for certain course-level administrative activities such as: permission to grade the submissions from a certain subset of students in the course; the ability to create materials.

Why we think you'll like it:
This change will make it easier to give the same user different permissions in different courses, rather than taking a blanket approach at the system level.

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