Section Override Roles


What we're doing:

Adding support for section-level roles that will better support Teaching Assistants and other types of course specific roles outside of the Course Admins and Course Members. We will be adding certain default roles to courses, such as:

Role Name

May be great for...

Edit Grades / Edit Materials

  • Co-Teacher
  • Special Education Co-admin
  • Substitute Teacher (Long Term)

Edit Grades / View Materials

  • Teaching Assistant

View Grades / Edit Materials

  • Teacher Advisor
  • Grade-Level Lead

View Grades / View Materials

  • Principal
  • Mentor teacher
  • Student Teacher

No Grades / Edit Materials

  • Curriculum team
  • Office Managers

No Grades / View Materials

  • Paraprofessionals
  • Substitute Teacher (Short-term)
  • Tutor or Advisor
  • Visiting Teacher

This will allow system or course administrators to grant section-specific permissions to a course admin enrolled in a course. Users still only have one organization-level role, but when users have a section override role, the permissions for the override role take precedent while the user works in that section.

Why we think you'll like it:

This change will make it easier to give the same user different permissions in different courses, rather than taking a blanket approach at the system level. For example, a student can be enrolled as a Course Member in classes they are taking, and serve as a Teaching Assistant with some admin abilities in other courses, all from the same Schoology account.

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