Grade Passback Sync Performance Improvements


What we're doing:
Improving performance of the grade sync between the Schoology gradebook and our SIS integrations that support grade passback.


Why we think you'll like it:
We recently implemented the One-Click Sync feature for instructors who sync grades from Schoology to their SIS. This functionality allowed users to sync all assignments at once directly from their Schoology Gradebook.

While this feature was well-received, it had some unintended consequences: First and foremost, in order to prevent sync overload, we batch these jobs into a near real-time queue. However, when our job queues became delayed, so did the grade sync operations. This meant that it took up to 6 hours in some cases for grades to sync from Schoology to the SIS.

We have now resolved this issue so that instructors can use the one-click sync feature and see their grades successfully sync to their SIS gradebook in under two minutes on average.

Learn more about Grade Passback.

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