Managed Assessments: Item Analysis Exports (Phased Release)


What we're doing:
Adding the ability to export item-level data for assessments, including:

  • Students’ scores on each item
  • Students’ responses on multiple choice questions
  • Question and answer text
  • Item statistics, like average score, p-value and point biserial correlation, on each question

You will be able to export this data in CSV format.

Why we think you'll like it:
The raw data provided in these reports will help assessment authors, administrators, and instructors measure student performance on each question and identify common distractors.


We will be releasing Item Analysis Export in 3 phases. For all phases, faculty members will be able to export data for the assessments to which they have access to via their role-based permissions.

Phase 1: (Complete)
Faculty members with access to the reports will be able to export student performance data for all questions, the text of the questions, and the section, course, school, and instructors where the student submitted the assessment.

Phase 2: (Complete)
Faculty members with access to the reports will be able to export additional files that contain data on the available answers and each student's actual responses on all multiple choice and true/false questions will be available.

Phase 3: (Complete)
Faculty members with access to the reports can access additional information in two existing files that compiles statistics on the question data that was made available in Phases 1 and 2, including: Student performance statistics such as average score, p-value, standard deviation of score, total number of students assessed on the question, number of omits, and point biserial correlation on each question.

Additionally, you will be able to export statistics specific to the strength of the questions, such as the frequency/count of students response on each multiple choice answer. 

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