Attendance Taken Improvements


What We're Doing: 

Adding a combination of updates to make it easier to take attendance in courses:

  1. A new row showing the status of attendance in the class: Started, Not Saved, Saved, or a blank space.
  2. Updating the process so Present is auto-filled only after the course admin clicks Start.
  3. Updating the attendance icons to be accessible.
  4. Updating the experience to be more user-friendly, such as highlighting today's row.

Why We Think You'll Like It:

For teachers, this feature is about saving time. Cutting down the time taking attendance means more time spent on the student experience.

For administrators, this feature is about school- and district-level reporting. You can now roll up course-level attendance into a school view, enabling easier reporting of attendance that can be sent to external systems.

You can learn more about the new Attendance improvements here.

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