Performance Matters Integration: Manually Scored Grade Passback


What we're doing:

Continuing the Performance Matters Assessments and Schoology integration by allowing for syncing of all Performance Matters assessment grades back to Schoology. This work will enable grade passback for human-scorable (manually scored) assessments. These tests are graded at a later time, as opposed to fully machine-scored assessments which are graded immediately.

Why we think you'll like it:

Grade passback from Performance Matters is currently available for machine-scored assessments. Completion of this feature to include human-scored assessments will allow for seamless test administration within Schoology, of Performance Matters tests, with grades writing to the Schoology gradebook. Users can remain in Schoology, the platform they most typically spend their classroom time in.

Learn more:

Delivering Performance Matters Assessments Through Schoology


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