Support for KDS item banks in AMP


What we're doing:

We are adding support for item banks from Key Data Systems (KDS) to managed assessments in AMP, including the ability to browse and search KDS items by attributes like subject, grade level, difficulty, learning objective, and more.

Why we think you'll like it:

Creating high quality items is hard and takes designated training.  KDS has pre-built items and assessments that are already tagged with all the things you need to build the right assessments for your district.

KDS item banks allow instructors to create classroom quizzes, grade-level common formative assessments, and district benchmarks with items that meet the rigor required by the Common Core and other rigorous content standards. Inspect® includes ELA (reading, writing, listening, and language) and math items for K-12.

Items can be selected by grade level, standard, item type, and other important item attributes, such as difficulty, Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy, Depth of Knowledge, Standards for Mathematical Practice, and more.

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