Creating Assessments by Randomly Pulling Items from Question Banks


What we're doing

Adding support to randomly pull question from assessment question banks into course-level assessments. This will allow instructors and test authors to define a set of questions in a bank and set a specific number of questions from that set to be randomly displayed to students when they take a test.

Why we think you'll like it:

The ability to pull questions randomly from a bank is a powerful assessment tool that can be used to:

  • Create formative activities, so students can take the same test again and again for practice and get different questions each time.
  • Test knowledge across units on a summative test — For example, you can pull three random questions from Unit 1, five random questions from Unit 2, etc.
  • Inhibit cheating on an assessment, since each student will see a different version of the test.

In each of these cases, the instructor or test author can spend less time setting up a test that meets their needs with random pull.

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