Elementary Experience (First Phase)


What we're doing:

We'll be giving teachers a brand new way to display their courses and the materials to elementary students. When enabled by a district, teachers will be able to enable Schoology's Elementary experience for any course of their choosing. Students will then see an elementary-friendly user interface to interact with that emphasizes simpler navigation, imagery, and new workflows for material types. 

Why we think you'll like it: 

The new Elementary experience will better serve the needs of K-5 grade levels with an emphasis on pre-readers. Enhancements include a brand new Assignment experience that enables students to draw, record, photograph, annotate, and more, in order to complete their work.

The first phase of the Elementary experience includes:

– Simpler navigation: Students see a simplified course layout.
– New course view: Focused on a more visual and engaging experience.
– Brand new Assignment experience: Students have the ability to take a photo, record audio, and video to submit their work.

Note: This feature is currently in limited availability. If you’re a system administrator and you’re interested in this feature for your district, reach out to your Schoology representative or the Schoology Support team.

Continue to follow our Product Roadmap to receive updates on the development of this feature.

Learn more:

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